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" Kali Bhargave is by far the best realtor you can pick. "

" My family moved to Georgia from New Jersey (talk about spontaneous)! We called Kali because the real estate agent that sold our home in NJ recommended her. (Proof that her excellence exceeds state lines). So… I’m one of those awesome people that have no idea what I want, but I know what I don’t want. I am so indecisive that Kali showed us over 75 homes. (Yes, 75. That was not a typo). I think most people would have given up on me. Not Kali. She was determined to help me find the perfect house for my family’s needs. I literally could not be happier with her performance. Every time we met up; Kali handed me a stack of papers with all the details on the properties we were about to see. She was knowledgeable about crime statistics, schools in the area and their rankings, and what other comparable homes in the area were going for. She was so thorough that it was impressive. She is personable and welcoming and makes you feel comfortable from the first time you meet her. That is so important. You need to be able to trust and be honest with your real estate agent. That is huge! And Kali does not stop until you are happy and completely satisfied with everything! Moving can be so stressful and Kali makes it feel easy. (It’s not really… my entire garage is still filled with boxes haha). But Kali has such an amazing and positive energy that you cannot help but feel like you can tackle all of those boxes in one day after being around her. She was so kind to my children and always had snacks and smiles for them. My three-year-old daughter started calling her “Miss Kali” and thought we were hanging out with our new friend in all of the empty homes she owns. (Haha! Kids!) My honest opinion about Miss Kali Bhargave? She is incredible. She is assertive and determined and will fight for you. She will answer all of your questions so you are actually aware of what is going on throughout the entire lengthy process. She will go above and beyond for every little thing. You are absolutely insane if you buy or sell a property in the state of Georgia without this woman. She is the best. That is not just my opinion, it is fact. Her number is saved in my phone under “Saint Kali” because that is exactly what she is. There truly aren’t enough words to explain how awesome she made this experience for my family. AND she found us the perfect house! Call her! "

-Gianna on Zillow

" I've never met a realtor more dedicated to her sellers. "

About Me

I have all the attributes to becoming your real estate agent. 3 of my most important attributes are my 3 I's. Integrity, Insight and Intelligence. I have the passion and know how to understand the needs of my clients and deliver them. I am smart enough to know what is missing and how I can quickly get it. These 3 I's along with many other attributes help me pursue excellence in the process of selling and buying property. I have been a business professional for the past 14 years which has helped me hone my skills as a hard working, organized, problem solving REALTOR®. Along with my experience I am backed by over 50 years of collective experience at Keller Williams Realty.I have lived in Peachtree City since 1999 with my husband and children. With one child just out of the Fayette County School system and another at Paideia on Ponce De Leon, I am focused on marketing and showing properties in 2 areas of Atlanta- Fayette County as well as Inman Park and its surrounding neighborhoods.
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" The entire process was smooth, seamless, and easy thanks to Kali. "



" She never failed us once, we could not have done this without her. "



" Kali even helped us stage our home to sell. "



" It was wonderful having Kali in our corner. "



" If we needed it, Kali provided it! "

"Selling a house can be a very stressful and challenging undertaking, especially if it has been rented for the last three years. Our experience started with hiring Kali after an unsuccessful attempt to sell with another agency. Kali was like sunshine on a cloudy day - she came to us with fresh ideas, she hired a professional stager and interior designer to walk thru the home and point out everything that needed to be changed to attract potential buyers. We knew Kali was good because our neighbor’s house was sold in less than eight days under Kali’s watch. After one month of intense remodeling and Kali’s constant feedback – the house went on the market, it lasted one day. The family that came to the open house bought it, and as Kali said - “the power of open houses”. Words don’t describe the appreciation we have for Kali; her motivation inspires enthusiasm that is contagious. Kali demonstrates an exceptional mastery of personal and professional skills that guided us throughout this process. She was very effective in formulating a pricing strategy that enabled us to recoup our investment. Kali was an enormous help when it came to dealing with anxiety and stress, her positive approach to every obstacle really allowed us to cope. Although the sale of a house can be extremely stressful, our experience with Kali was worth every moment because we seemed to have a bond, we worked for the same goal; and now we have a dear friend for life. Thank you Kali!"

-Chris on Facebook

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